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“Woke, Out of Touch Leftist” – “View'” Host Admits She Has Not Gone Grocery Shopping In Years Due to COVID – Twitter Reacts (VIDEO)

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Fear of COVID has permanently scarred millions of woke Americans. “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin revealed herself as one of them.

As reported by Fox News, Hostin said during Wednesday’s episode she literally does not want to go to a grocery store anymore. Instead, she has other people pick up her groceries via Instacart.

The admission came in response to co-host Joy Behar revealing she likes in-person grocery shopping. When Behar is the voice of reason, there is serious trouble.

Here is what Hostin said:

I don’t like a supermarket. I haven’t been in a supermarket since COVID — for about three years. That’s when I discovered Instacart. And I give them a big tip because they don’t always pay their people well. That’s been an issue I think for the company. But man, you can get toiletries, you can get fire logs, you know, those big Bounty towels you don’t want to carry.


Twitter users found her admission asinine and scorched the TV talk show host on social media (h/t Fox News).

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