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Why Are These Famous Malbecs So Hard to Find in the US?

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Critics give these malbecs 90+ points… single bottles can trade for over $500…

So why are extreme altitude malbecs so rare in the US?

Adding to their legend – we recently lab tested these wines and found they can have up to ten times higher levels of longevity nutrient resveratrol… plus 93% less sugar.

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And then there’s the trademark extreme altitude flavor: blackberry, smoke, plum, and perhaps a hint of leather.

The rarity of these wines in the US is likely a powerful reason why single bottles trade for over $500…

But if you go directly to the extreme altitude vineyards in the Andes mountains, you can get these wines for way less.

In fact, never-before-imported bottles are now available for just $22.99.

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A rare type of malbec, so opaque they call it ‘black wine’

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