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Whistleblowers Are Coming Forth…Massive Exposure!

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Pastor Hank was on FlashPoint two days ago and wow was he on a roll!

There are so many good parts and I have the full clip for you below, but right now I want to give you one of my favorite parts.

The conversation turned to the Arizona Audit and Lance and Hank both weighed in.

They both say Arizona is different than anything that has happened before.

That this is special and this will lead to dominos falling.

Hank then took it one step further, he said the LORD told him that whistleblowers will be coming forth soon.  People who God has been working on.  People who can no longer keep the truth of the matter silent.  People who may be looking to cut a deal and save their own hides, if nothing else.

But Pastor Hank says these whistleblowers will all start coming forth very soon and it will build quickly.

Big exposure will take place where things the Deep State THOUGHT were hidden will all come to light.

In short, it will be glorious and it will lead to the overturning of the election.

Yes folks, hang in there….it IS coming!

You’re gonna LOVE how this story ends!

Watch this short clip, saved safely to Rumble:

Watch the full FlashPoint episode here:

Rumble link:

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