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Wealthy People Sucking The Blood Of The Young? It’s Not Just A Conspiracy Theory

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This is disgusting, and I cringe while writing this…

Many people on our side of the political spectrum have made the claim that wealthy individuals—elitists—suck the blood of the young due to a belief that the younger blood revitalizes them.

For the longest time this was dismissed as a conspiracy theory, and I myself had my doubts.

Those doubts have been utterly shattered by both recent reports that put the issue on my radar, and a Vanity Fair report from 2016.

Peter Thiel has reportedly discussed his interest in it, and so has Donald Trump.

Here’s what we currently know:

Inc wrote this piece in 2016 on Thiel:

Speaking of weird and unsavory, if there’s one thing that really excites Thiel, it’s the prospect of having younger people’s blood transfused into his own veins.

That practice is known as parabiosis, and, according to Thiel, it’s a potential biological Fountain of Youth–the closest thing science has discovered to an anti-aging panacea.

Research into parabiosis began in the 1950s with crude experiments that involved cutting rats open and stitching their circulatory systems together.

After decades languishing on the fringes, it’s recently started getting attention from mainstream researchers, with multiple clinical trials underway in humans in the U.S. and even more advanced studies in China and Korea.


According to The Guardian, Ambrosia is one of the start-ups aimed at providing this service:

Ambrosia, the vampiric startup concerned, is run by a 32-year-old doctor called Jesse Karmazin, who bills $8,000 (£6,200) a pop for participation in what he has dubbed a “study”.

So far, he has 600 clients, with a median age of 60. The blood is collected from local blood banks, then separated and combined – it takes multiple donors to make one package.

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