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We Need ‘More Money’ for the Police, I’m Against Lowering Threshold for Prosecuting Cops and Further Equipment Restrictions

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On Tuesday’s broadcast of “Fox News Primetime,” Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) discussed negotiations on police reform and said that he’s against lowering the threshold for prosecuting police officers and increasing the amount of military equipment police departments can’t use. Scott also argued for more money for small and mid-size departments in particular.

Scott began by discussing qualified immunity and says he supports putting more of an onus on local governments, and taking it away from the officers.

He added that he opposes lowering the threshold for prosecuting officers under Section 242 and that he doesn’t want to expand the list of military equipment that police departments are forbidden from using, but he is okay with renewing the list of forbidden equipment that already exists.

Scott further stated, “[W]e need to provide more resources, more money. Bottom line, when I say resources, I mean money coming into, especially our smaller departments and even our mid-size departments so that the training to intervene and the training on de-escalation, all those training dollars are incredibly important. We don’t need less money for the police. We need more.”

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