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Watch me raise money for Hamas to kill Jews

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Wow, this really something….

First, a big thank you to a longtime loyal reader of WeLoveTrump, a guy by the name of Mark, for brining this to my attention.

Thank you Mark!

Sorry if this disturbs anyone but sometimes you have to go to the extremes to wake people up.

This is a very well done video by a guy named Ami Horowitz (who based on that name is probably Jewish) who decided to pretend like he was “raising money for Hamas”.

He went to a “woke” college campus and told the students the most horrific reasons why he was raising money…..basically to wipe Israel off the map.

How did the students respond?

Well, you just have to see for yourself.

Warning: this is highly troubling:

Watch here on Rumble:

And a backup here on YouTube:

At best, you can assume these students are just ignorant.

At worst?

Well….you decide.

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