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Video Shows Biden Almost Falling Down The Stairs Again

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All jokes aside, it’s seriously time for Biden to be assigned a walking partner.

Biden while walking up the stairs to get inside of Air Force One almost slipped and fell again.

Most of you remember two weeks ago when Biden tripped and fell multiple times down the stairs and now this week he almost did it again.

Take a look at Biden almost falling down below:

Did you catch it?

It happened at around the 11-second mark.

Here’s another video that was edited that showed Biden almost falling again:

The New York Post covered Biden’s close call:

He had a nice trip.

President Joe Biden stumbled for a moment on the stairs of Air Force One Wednesday — but ultimately had a smoother climb than when he fell repeatedly while boarding the plane earlier this month.

Footage shows the coordination-challenged commander-in-chief carefully traversing the stairs before apparently nearly missing a step while leaving on a flight to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The 78-year-old president made the ascent while headed off to promote his $2 trillion infrastructure plan.

The Sun covered Biden’s little stumble too:

JOE Biden stumbled and almost fell over again while boarding Air Force One two weeks after his slip-up.

New footage shows the president, 78, tripping as he walked up the stairs to the aircraft in the rain today.

However, Biden quickly caught himself and did not drop to the floor.

This was almost the second time in two weeks that the president took a tumble on the steps.

Last time Biden wasn’t so lucky and ended up doing this:

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