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Update On Suspicious White Powder Reportedly Found At Kari Lake’s Campaign Headquarters

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Last week authorities alongside a Hazmat team shut down Kari Lake’s headquarters after an unknown white powdery substance was reportedly found inside a hate mail letter to Lake.

Now authorities have concluded that no harmful substance was found inside of the letters.

The suspects of the threatening hate mail have yet to be identified but staffers of Lake believe the incident was a move by radical leftists to instill fear into Lake’s campaign just a few days before the election.

Fox News shared these details:

Authorities did not discover any substance in the “suspicious” items mailed to Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s campaign headquarters.

This comes after Lake’s campaign alleged last week that a staffer was exposed to a “suspicious” white powdery substance sent in an envelope to her office.

Phoenix Police said Friday that an investigation and laboratory test confirmed there was no substance in the envelope.

“The state lab tested the items turned over to them regarding incident #2022-1665892 and has determined there was no substance inside,” police said.

Officers had responded on November 6 to a “found property call at an office building” near 40th Street and Camelback, police previously told FOX News Digital.

ABC added these details:

Phoenix police say there was no substance found inside a suspicious envelope sent to Kari Lake’s campaign headquarters last week.

Kari Lake’s campaign said an envelope containing “suspicious white powder” was opened at her campaign headquarters in Phoenix Saturday.

The Phoenix Fire Department said they were called to the building near 40th Street and Camelback Road on Sunday.

Phoenix police initially said there were suspicious items found inside the mail.

On Friday, Phoenix police said the state lab tested the items and turned them over, and determined there was no substance inside.

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