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Uncomfortable Harris Looks on as Biden Gives Bizarre Speech

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Wow…  Joe Biden has given some bizarre speeches in his time, but this one left Kamala Harris squirming…

As Harris stood behind him, Biden committed several gaffes as he gave a speech on a number of topics.

Noteworthy among the ludicrous things Biden said was his claim that 20,000 lbs. of fentanyl could “kill as many as 1,000 people” in the country.

Only 1,000 people huh…

We’ll have to fact check that one Joe.

The best part was Harris nodding along in the background as if to pretend that Joe was making any sense.

Additionally, Biden referred to Harris as the president again, and he also blamed MAGA republicans for his inability to speak English…

Here is Joe Biden on the dangers of fentanyl:

There was also the classic Biden gaffe, where he referred to Kamala Harris as the president AGAIN:

Harris looks so uncomfortable!

Biden also made a strange claim about the MAGA crowd not wanting him to speak English anymore:

Joe Biden: “The MAGA Republicans talking about, you know, they don’t even want me speaking English anymore! They want me speaking duh duh duh! They’re gonna take over my community!”

Say what now?..

The best part may have been the end of the speech, where Biden’s inability to speak English because of that dastardly MAGA crowd really showed through:

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