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Trump’s Tax Returns Prove Absolutely ZERO Russian Collusion!

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Once again, President Trump has been proven to be right.

And the Democrats were dead wrong.

Remember the failed Russia collusion hoax?

Not only did Democrats try to tell us that Trump colluded with Russia, but they also pushed this narrative that Trump’s taxes would “prove” that he worked with Russia.

They claimed that the only reason Trump was “hiding” his taxes is because it would show he worked with the Russians.

Nevermind the fact that perhaps President Trump wanted, you know, just some basic privacy and decency.

Don’t believe us?

Take a look at how MSNBC framed the story on Twitter:

Notice how they suggest that President Trump received money from Russia.

Of course, they can’t actually say it, because that would be libel and defamation.

But the headline and tweet are written in such a way that readers can only draw one conclusion: That President Trump “colluded” with Russia.

But there’s just one problem.

That isn’t true.

At all.

And thanks to the tax returns that Democrats made public, we know this for a fact.

Take a look:

Forget analysis.

Let’s just take a look at the hard facts before we evaluate what it means.

According to CNBC, here’s exactly what was in Trump’s tax returns:

The financial records show:

Trump and his wife Melania declared negative income of $31.7 million, and taxable income of $0, on their 2015 return. They paid $641,931 in federal income taxes.

On their 2016 return, the Trumps declared negative income of $32.2 million, and again recorded $0 of taxable income. They paid $750 in taxes.

Trump and his wife declared $12.8 million in negative income in the 2017 return, with $0 in taxable income. They again paid $750 in taxes.

The 2018 return showed a rosier picture for the Trumps’ finances: they declared $24.4 million in total income, and $22.9 million in taxable income. They paid $999,466 in federal income taxes.

Trump and his wife declared $4.44 million in total income, along with $2.97 million in taxable income, on their 2019 return. They paid $133,445 in taxes.

The 2020 return declared negative income of $4.69 million and no taxable income. They paid no tax and claimed a refund of $5.47 million.

The returns show major losses for many Trump properties during the six years. For instance, a 2015 tax return for “DJT [Donald J. Trump] Holdings LLC” showed a $12 million loss for Trump Turnberry Scotland. The Turnberry golf course lost up to millions of dollars each year until the final year of Trump’s presidency, returns show. Trump paid $63 million in his 2014 purchase of the property, according to an Independent report at the time.

Trump’s Washington, D.C. hotel in the Old Post Office building lost millions of dollars each year during his first term in office, tax returns show. The hotel was a hub of activity for Trump allies and others who hoped to curry favor with the former president, and GOP-aligned political committees spent tens of millions of dollars there. Trump’s company completed a deal to buy the building in 2013, arranging for a 60-year lease agreement and putting about $200 million toward developing it into a hotel. NBC News reports the property lost more than $70 million while Trump was in office. The Trump Organization announced earlier this year that it had closed a $375 million sale of the Old Post Office property.

Trump reported foreign bank accounts in the United Kingdom, Ireland and China on his returns from 2015 through 2017. The 2018 through 2020 returns list only an account in the U.K.

Now, does any of that show any signs of Russian collusion.

Of course not!

Yet Democrats aren’t apologizing for their nasty and false accusations!

We’ve always said that the truth eventually comes out.

It might take a while.

You might need to be patient.

But the truth always makes itself known.

Trump’s taxes have backfired spectacularly on the Democrats.

Take a look at this brilliant analysis from Based Politics:

Basically, the returns revealed that Trump claimed large losses from his various real estate and investment properties and declared this “negative income” to avoid paying much federal income tax over the five-year period, despite his self-declared wealth. In other words, he used perfectly legal deductions and loopholes in the tax code to pay as little in taxes as he could get away with under the law.

Shocking! Who wouldn’t want as little of their money stolen and wasted as possible?

It’s ironic, too, because the members of Congress complaining about Trump using tax loopholes are responsible for the tax code. Many of them have been in office for decades and could have changed these loopholes at any time. They didn’t do so because their donors and allies benefit too, but now they want to pretend it’s outrageous that Trump made use of them.

Yet what’s more important is what Trump’s tax returns did not show: any corrupt connection to Russia. Democrats for years suggested that the real reason Trump wouldn’t release his tax information was because it would show that Putin had something on him.

Just for an example, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said in 2018, “The president has refused to release his tax returns, but these bizarre actions that he has taken, which seem so to indicate that President Putin has something over President Trump, something personal, and it might be financial. We need to see the tax returns.”

Well, now we have them, and Trump’s tax returns show nothing of the sort. It’s not exactly new at this point for Democratic warnings about Trump-Russia collusion to later prove baseless, but it’s still worth revisiting just how far removed from reality their claims were.

Yes, the tax returns did show that while in office, Trump held foreign bank accounts and his businesses conducted business internationally. But that’s not a surprise. The public elected him in part because he was a successful international businessman; what else would you then expect?

There’s one more funny twist to the Trump tax returns. They show that after the GOP’s 2017 tax reform legislation, Trump’s taxes actually went up. You know, the same tax bill the Democrats constantly decry as a giveaway to the rich! Why? Well, because the GOP pared back a loophole that mostly benefits middle-and-upper class people in blue states with high local taxes, and Trump, as a New York taxpayer, was adversely affected.

That’s right: Democrats broke precedent to release Trump’s taxes and came up with nothing except a few revelations that undercut their arguments.

In other words, President Trump wins again!

You truly can’t stump the Trump!

It’s clear why the Democrats did this: They fear Trump and they know he is powerful.

They know he can mount a historic comeback in 2024.

This is why they’re going all in on trying to destroy him.

That’s why it’s up to you to help us by sharing this article with your family and friends!

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