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The Corruption Of Ukraine Is On Full Display

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It shouldn’t be news that Ukraine is one of the most corrupt nations on the planet.

We recently reported that the Biden administration cannot account for upward of $20 billion in funds sent to the struggling nation and that U.S.-funded bioweapon laboratories are a reality in that country.

Why do we keep sending money to this place?

Despite sending billions, the power is out in Ukraine, huge caches of weapons have been reported missing, and sources are reporting that officials are simply enriching themselves through international donations…

Today’s story is emblematic of corruption in the Slavic nation.

Ukraine’s football chief, Andriy Pavelko, was recently arrested on charges relating to embezzlement. Which again, isn’t a shocker—it is indicative of how the country operates as a whole.

Here are the details:


Insider Paper reports:

The Ukrainian police accused Pavelko of misusing funds meant for the construction of an artificial football pitch factory.

Pavelko, who denies wrongdoing, faces up to 12 years in prison.

He is expected to be released pending trial after paying 9.9 million hryvnias ($270,000) in bail.


The Guardian provided more insight:

Andriy Pavelko, the president of the Ukraine FA, and Yuri Zapisotsky, the association’s general secretary, are accused of “embezzling” 26.5m Ukrainian Hryvnia (£600,000).

The two men were ordered to be held in custody until 22 January to allow further investigation or be released on bail of £200,000 on condition that they do not leave Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, or contact witnesses.

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