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Texas Town Can No Longer Take Joe Biden’s Dead Migrants

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Over 2 million illegals walked across the border this year, an all-time record. Another one million crossed the border but did not turn themselves in.

Joe Biden’s first act after inauguration was to end the construction of President Trump’s border wall and open the US southern border.

The result has been a disaster.

Democrats know the country cannot absorb and assimilate 4 million illegals in 18 months time. That was never their plan. Their plan was to put America in crisis and break down the system.

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It should be obvious at this point.

Unfortunately, many of the migrants do not make it to the US alive. One Texas town is running out of room to buy Joe Biden’s dead migrants.

Joege Ventura reported:

here’s a makeshift cross labled “Baby John Doe” marked at the grave of an unidentified infant who drowned in the Rio Grande on August 13th.

The funeral homes have reached capacity.

This is the result of Democrat policy. Open borders bring death at the border and the eventual collapse of our American way of life.

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