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Ted Cruz Destroys Newsom’s Latest Video in Fiery Tweet

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Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz blasted California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom on Sunday over a Mother’s Day video claiming to support mothers that failed to mention opening in-person learning at public schools.

“Curiously missing from this announcement ‘supporting’ Moms…any reference to actually opening CA schools,” Cruz tweeted.

The video’s caption claimed, “Governor Newsom’s plan will help California’s moms & families including 100,000 additional child care slots — the largest increase even in CA.”


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It added, “Millions more in state funds to support child care providers & families. $200 million to support career pathways for home care workers.”

These notable changes may help more mothers, but the video avoided any mention of reopening all of the state’s public schools for in-person learning.

Many took to Twitter to express their own concerns regarding the issue.

Should Gov. Newsom reopen California’s public schools?

One user suggested that reopening the state’s public schools, many of which are still doing remote learning, is a good place for Newsom to start if he really wants to help mothers.


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It’s not the first time Cruz and Newsom have clashed.

In March, Newsom criticized the end of the Texas mask mandate, calling the move, “Absolutely reckless.”

Cruz went on Fox Business to return criticism against Newsom over the Twitter accusation.

Cruz commented, “There’s a reason the guy is facing a recall in California, that his policies were too disastrous for the liberal Democratic voters in California because he has shut the state down.

“He’s destroyed jobs. He’s hurting kids. By the way, the kids that are being hurt the most by Democrats shutting down schools are low-income kids, they’re African-American and Hispanic kids,” Cruz added.

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