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Teacher Pressuring Students To Wear Masks Against The Law!

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Thank you so much to a reader who sent me this.

This is really disturbing and unfortunately it’s from my home state of Iowa in Linn-Mar.

Yesterday we reported that Governor Reynolds BANNED mask mandates in schools.

Awesome story!

So what we have here is a teacher who is now pressuring his students to still wear masks because he’s so scared of the COVID.


The pressure and the psychological warfare from that fat bastard makes me SICK!

But you know what inspires me in the midst of all of this?

The only reason we have this recording is because some student turned his phone on, and even though there’s no video or not much video, he caught the full audio.

The KIDS see through this garbage!

The KIDS are fighting back!

There is hope in the next generation.

They see this evil for what it is….so GOD BLESS YOU to whatever wonderful student recorded this.

If anyone knows the kid who recorded this, tell him I will personally send him a big gift package with tons of Trump and USA stuff in it if someone connects me to him or her.  For real.

Ok, now watch here safely on Rumble:

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