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Suspect in ‘Brutal’ Killing of Military Family Identified, Suspect Arrested After Massive Manhunt

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Two suspects have been arrested in connection with the Wednesday shooting of a married couple, both of whom were military physicians.

Edward McDaniel Jr., 55, and his wife, Brenda McDaniel, 63, of Springfield, Virginia, were shot to death at point-blank range in front of their home. Both held the rank of colonel and Edward was still active in the Army.

Deangelo Strand, 19, of Fort Washington, Maryland, and Ronnie Marshall, 20, were arrested Thursday on charges of second-degree murder and use of firearms in the commission of a felony, according to WTOP-TV.

Earlier Thursday, police had publicly identified Marshall as being wanted in connection with the killings and launched a manhunt for him.


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Police said that the men were co-workers of a relative of the victims.

“Two distinguished military veterans were gunned down in their front yard,” Fairfax County Police Chief Kevin Davis said Wednesday, according to Fox News.

Davis said the couple “served out community for many, many years. And they were shot and killed in cold blood in their own front yard.”

Davis called the shooting a “tragic, brutal, vicious double-murder,” according to WJLA-TV. “This was not a random act of violence.”


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The police chief said he believed the couple’s son was in the home while his parents were killed.

Fairfax County Police were at the same house for many hours on Monday to investigate a burglary report and a dispute.

Authorities believe the murders were connected to the Monday incident.

Major Ed O’Carroll, the county’s major crimes unit commander, told Fox News police received a tip after having announced the type of car they were seeking in connection with the killings. The tip led to one arrest.

“Thanks to the community, we got our offenders,” O’Carroll said. He noted that U.S. Marshals provided great assistance in the arrests.

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