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Study History Or Be Doomed To Repeat It

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Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it!

And if we don’t teach our children the important parts of history, who will?

The State?

Public education?


Of course not.

The “system” will only teach them how to be good serfs who regurgitate facts on tests and get indoctrinated until their 22 years old (or older) how to listen to instructions, stand in line, follow orders, have no creativity, have no dreams….just do as your told!

And do it all on someone else’s schedule!


It’s training for entering the workforce, where you basically do the same thing for your employer — do as your told, show up at 8am, stay till 5pm, don’t ask any questions, don’t think for yourself, don’t get out of line…

You get the idea.

You know who “the system” really would have hated?

Our Founding Fathers.

People who questioned the status quo…

People who fought back…

People who thought for themselves, so much so they ended up writing some of the most God-inspired documents the world has seen outside of the Bible: the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

So if we want to have any hope of keeping this great country, we need to teach our children the things that are important!

Teach them about history and how dictators can so quickly take over a country.

Teach them how to protect Life, Liberty and Freedom!

Or it will be GONE faster than you can blink an eye.

It’s already teetering on the edge.

I tell you all of that to tell you about something new from my friends over at The Tuttle Twins.

I love what they are doing, and they just came out with something brand new that I think you’re going to love.

More importantly, it’s something your kids NEED to read!

It’s called The Guide To Modern Villains…How 22 Modern Villains Rose to Power:

The Tuttle Twins Guide to Modern Villains

What is it about human nature that leads some people to commit unspeakably evil acts? And, perhaps a more important question for each of us, why do so many people submit to or even support these villains?

World history sadly offers us a long list of dictators and totalitarian thugs who used their power to steal from and oppress their countrymen—and kill those who defied them.

As tragic as these stories all are, they can still offer us lessons to learn from if we try to understand why these people acted the way they did—both those in control and those who were controlled. These lessons may just have the key we need to help make sure the list of future villains is far shorter than the list in this book. 263 pages of content.

Here’s the list of all 22 Villains in the book:

For three days only (starting today, and only while they last) I can get you the book for only $11.99.

After that, the price goes up.


This new book is actually the 5th book in the Tuttle Twins Guidebook series.

This is one of their most popular things they have.

The series is for teens and preteens.

And if you’d like to grab the whole series, I can get you an even better deal (only for the next 72 hours).


As always, everything is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee, although you won’t have to use it.

I’ve heard absolutely no complaints from anyone who’s bought the books for their families (me included)!

In fact, the replies are constantly 5-stars.

Here are a few:

But even more than those, I have to show you a personal one I just received yesterday.

An email from someone who bought the Tuttle Twins books based on my recommendation and he had such a wonderful story to tell…

Names and personal information redacted but this is so wonderful, you have to see this:

Here’s more directly from the Tuttle Twins company:

I love this company for so many reasons, and here’s one more…

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed:

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