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Steelers First Round Draft Pick Najee Harris Hosts Pizza Party At Homeless Shelter

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Pittsburgh Steelers first-round draft pick Najee Harris quickly paid it forward Friday after joining the NFL by hosting a pizza party at the homeless shelter he stayed in as a youth.

Harris appeared at the Greater Richmond Interfaith Program where a draft party was already being held to celebrate his success. But the newly christened Steeler didn’t merely drop in; he paid for the refreshments and food, CBS Channel 2 reported.

“I wanted to make sure that I could give back to the community and show them if y’all still need anything like I’m never too big or too whatever to help you guys out, I’m always going to be the helping hand,” Harris said. “I wanted to make sure that happened, so I had a party over there, passing out food and pizza.”

Harris added that he wanted to show the shelter that he intends to be there for them.

“I feel like they didn’t think that was serious enough, which they did, but in my mindset, I didn’t think so, so I said I’m going to pull up and actually show them I’m really here if you guys need anything,” the 23=-year-old player said. “I know I’m getting drafted today, but if you guys need anything, I’m literally right here.”

Kathleen Sullivan, executive director at the Greater Richmond Interfaith Program, told the media that Harris’ mother was a rock for the family.

“His mother was instrumental in getting him and all those children through what would normally be the most horrific experience of their lives,” Sullivan said.

As he takes his place in the Steelers organization, Harris said he plans to start a non-profit that will continue to help support the shelter and others in his hometown.

Harris is a graduate of the University of Alabama, where he became a two-time CFP national champion. He was considered the number one recruit in the 2017 season and ranked by ESPN as the number three overall for the class.

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