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South Carolina’s House Pass Bill To Add Firing Squad As Execution Method

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It looks like South Carolina are going to get things done the old-fashioned way.

In a 66-43 vote South Carolina State lawmakers have now passed a bill that now introduces firing squads as an alternative method to lethal injections.

South Carolina’s lethal drugs expired in 2013 and the state hasn’t been able to get its hands on the deadly drug since.

Lethal drugs are hard to come by nowadays due to a lot of drug companies are refusing to sell the drug anymore which in return force states to use older execution methods like the electric chair and firing squads.

The last time an execution was performed by a firing squad was in 2010.

The Guardian got the scoop. see what they had to share:

South Carolina state lawmakers have voted to allow firing squads to be implemented as a method of capital punishment in the state.

The Republican governor, Henry McMaster, has said he will approve the bill when it arrives at his desk, making South Carolina only the fourth state in the US that allows death by firing squad. Mississippi, Oklahoma and Utah already allow the execution method, according to the non-profit Death Penalty Information Center.

A shortage of lethal injection drugs and its effect on South Carolina’s ability to implement capital punishment was cited as the reason for the decision. As the death penalty continues to be subject to widespread criticism, many drug companies have decided to stop selling the drugs to states.

South Carolina’s supply of life-ending drugs expired in 2013, and the state has not gone forward with a prisoner execution since 2011. Currently there are 37 people on the state’s death row who have exhausted the appeal process.

The Associated Press covered the story too:

The South Carolina House voted Wednesday to add a firing squad to the state’s execution methods amid a lack of lethal-injection drugs — a measure meant to jump-start executions in a state that once had one of the busiest death chambers in the nation.

The bill, approved by a 66-43 vote, will require condemned inmates to choose either being shot or electrocuted if lethal injection drugs aren’t available. The state is one of only nine to still use the electric chair and will become only the fourth to allow a firing squad.

South Carolina last executed a death row inmate 10 years ago Thursday.

The Senate already had approved the bill in March, by a vote of 32-11. The House only made minor technical changes to that version, meaning that after a routine final vote in the House and a signoff by the Senate, it will go to Republican Gov. Henry McMaster, who has said he will sign it.

What’s your opinion on a firing squad being used instead of lethal injections.

Are you in favor of it?

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