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Something Bigger Than I’ve Ever Seen Is Happening…

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Tim Sheets is really becomes one of my favorites.

A preacher.

A teacher.

A prophet.

And just a really solid Biblical teacher.

But someone who experiences the angelic and prophetic on a regular basis.

Did you know the Bible is a supernatural book?

From start to finish, the supernatural is all over the Bible.

So to pretend like Angels don’t exist is just foolish.

I love how Tim experiences them and then reports on what he sees.

This latest one is on fire.

He says what he’s seeing right now in the Angelic realm is unlike anything he’s ever seen in his lifetime.

I’ll let him explain the rest and also do some teaching.

This is so good, please enjoy:

If you want more, keep reading.

This is another recent post that lines up very well with the one above.

Tim Sheets: A “Mega Event” Is About To Take Place!

Tim Sheets is one of the most mild-mannered, humble guys you will ever meet.

A Pastor.

A servant.

When the Bible talks about “meekness” it reminds me of him (which is NOT a putdown — the Bible honors meekness).

A humbleness of stature, but wildly powerful in the spirit.

That’s Tim Sheets.

And he’s not prone to hyperbole or exaggeration.

So when I was watching his most recent video and he suddenly said a “Mega Event” is about to take place, it caught me by surprise.

Really, from Tim to say that?

But he wasn’t speaking on his own…he said the LORD had told him this was coming and coming very soon.

The video is short, only about 10 minutes but really worth your time.

Please watch here:

This actually felt like Part 2 of a message he had given the prior week, so I’m giving you that one too.

Watch that one here, also short:

Funny thing is, what Tim is saying lines up EXACTLY with what we’re hearing and seeing from so many other sources.

Let me recap those below, because I believe he’s exactly right.

I’m afraid a MEGA EVENT is coming too, and I’m not sure if it will be good or bad.

Or start out bad and be used by God for the good.

You know, Romans 8:28:  “And we know that all that happens to us is working for our good if we love God and are fitting into his plans.

So here’s what else I see coming…

A market crash is bad…

A “collapse” is much worse.

Are you ready for a coming collapse?

We can all feel something is off, can’t we?

We all know things are not stable.

It’s also what I’m hearing from several trusted sources.

Take Robin Bullock for one…

He has been warning about it more and more frequently in the past weeks:

Robin Bullock: Confronting The Massive Coming Crash

Oh, and then there’s the Pope ORDERING that all church funds from all over the world be immediately sent back to the Vatican by the end of September.

Yeah, that’s not unusual or anything, right?

Read about it here:

RED ALERT: Pope Francis Orders All Church Funds To Be Sent To Vatican By September 30th!

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