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Snowden Used Bitcoin To Pay For NSA Leak

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Edward Snowden is still living in exile for exposing a massive spying scheme on Americans.

Critics can yell and trumpet the call of ‘national security’ all day, but they have to stop kidding themselves. Snowden exposed massive government spying on us all.

Anyone who is against him is essentially standing up for Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the deep state….

According to Snowden, he used Bitcoin to pay for the servers that helped leak NSA documents 8 years ago.

Detractors of the digital currency will claim that it’s being used to destabilize national governments, or funding for criminal enterprises, but ask yourself: is exposing the deep state a bad thing?

Snowden had this to say:

Crypto Slate broke the story:

The former American former computer intelligence consultant, famous for leaking highly classified information from the National Security Agency in 2013 whilst as a subcontractor for the Central Intelligence Agency, will join a sixty-minute fireside chat about the importance of web3, data privacy, and surveillance capitalism in our increasingly digital world.

Last week, Snowden—an enthusiast for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies—revealed that he used Bitcoin to hide his identity when buying the servers that made the NSA leaks possible.


Coin Telegraph reports:

This Friday, Edward Snowden will be appearing at Blockdown: DeData, a virtual conference fully dedicated to the challenges and alternatives of ownership and consent in this new era where data is the most sought-after commodity.

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