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SNL ROASTS Biden Big Time In New Skit

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Saturday Night Live hasn’t been relevant in the last several years.

The years, of Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Will Ferrell,  Eddie Murphy, and Chris Farley are long gone.

And the cast has now been replaced with woke actors /actresses.

Well after years of pushing propaganda, SNL has finally decided to roast Biden.

In their latest skit, SNL actor James Austin Johnson acted as Joe Biden and didn’t do that bad at it.

Watch the roast here:

Deadline added these details:

“My fellow Americans, this Tuesday, our midterm election will determine the fate of our democracy and let’s just say Big Yikes!” proclaimed James Austin Johnson as President Joe Biden. “I guess the Democrats’ message just isn’t getting through,” the SNL cast featured player added in a mocking replication of POTUS’ big Union Station speech of earlier this week as polls show the Big Lie-dominated GOP looking to take back the House and maybe even the Senate.

“Folks, I’m trying like Hell, I promise,” the comedian went on to says as the sometimes disoriented 79-year-old Biden. “I’m on the Peloton every morning tempting fate.”

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