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Sinema Finally Does It! Becomes Latest Democrat To Jump Ship

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This is a leading indicator of the state of the Democratic Party…

Increasingly dominated by Marxists and far-left voices, the Democratic Party of America has become more and more out of touch with the average voter.

Everyone knows this and everyone can see that Democrats are a dumpster fire. Make no mistake, I’m no fan of the GOP either, but at least they aren’t completely unhinged.

In October, Tulsi Gabbard made headlines when she quit the Democratic Party to go independent and a record number of senior Democrats are retiring—none of this is by coincidence…

Democrats now represent a collection of mentally unstable malcontents, as the progressive liberal movement that has come to define it and the Marxist doctrine that underpins it continue to push away moderate, normal Americans.

Simply put, liberal progressivism is mental illness masquerading as legitimate political philosophy and political expression, we know it, they know it, they know that we know it—everybody knows it.

Kyrsten Sinema has become the latest high-profile Democrat to walk away from the increasingly radical party, in a move that many saw coming.

Sinema became a focal point in the media after standing firm against the disastrous infrastructure spending bill, along with Democrat Joe Manchin.

Previously, we speculated whether she would join the GOP or become an independent, here’s her recent announcement via her Twitter:

According to Politico:

In a 45-minute interview, the first-term senator told POLITICO that she will not caucus with Republicans and suggested that she intends to vote the same way she has for four years in the Senate. “Nothing will change about my values or my behavior,” she said.

Provided that Sinema sticks to that vow, Democrats will still have a workable Senate majority in the next Congress, though it will not exactly be the neat and tidy 51 seats they assumed.

They’re expected to also have the votes to control Senate committees. And Sinema’s move means Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) — a pivotal swing vote in the 50-50 chamber the past two years — will hold onto some but not all of his outsized influence in the Democratic caucus.



Senator Sinema explained her decision via this article she penned for AZ Central:

Everyday Americans are increasingly left behind by national parties’ rigid partisanship, which has hardened in recent years. Pressures in both parties pull leaders to the edges, allowing the loudest, most extreme voices to determine their respective parties’ priorities and expecting the rest of us to fall in line.

In catering to the fringes, neither party has demonstrated much tolerance for diversity of thought. Bipartisan compromise is seen as a rarely acceptable last resort, rather than the best way to achieve lasting progress. Payback against the opposition party has replaced thoughtful legislating.

Americans are told that we have only two choices – Democrat or Republican – and that we must subscribe wholesale to policy views the parties hold, views that have been pulled further and further toward the extremes.

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