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SICK. Outspoken Freshman Democrat Spreads Blood Libel that Police Violence in US Is Linked to Israel

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Cori Bush’s only claim to fame is her Black Lives Matter activism during the Mike Brown riots in Ferguson, Missouri.

For that, the far-left America-hater was elected US Representative from Missouri as a Democrat.

Since she joined Congress she has pushed to defund the pentagon, smeared Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene and this weekend she was spreading blood libel that police violence in the US is linked to Israel.

She’s a perfect Democrat.

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On Friday, radical Democratic congresswoman Cori Bush from Missouri tried to connect the death of a Palestinian-American in her district, who died from a heart attack, to “militarized police occupation” that she said was exported from Israel.

Bush’s speech represents a disgusting rhetorical sleight of hand in light of the fact that the Hamas terror group is currently firing rockets at Israeli towns and cities, killing innocent civilians, including a five-year-old boy.

Amid Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s continued onslaught, Bush told Congress she stood in “solidarity with the Palestinian people” beside a picture supposedly of a member of her district, Bassem Masri, who apparently had a heart attack and died three years ago while taking the bus in St. Louis.

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