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Shutdown Of Pipeline Causes Gas Shortages Throughout The Southeast And Drives Prices Up

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Hackers shut down a major pipeline in the southeast and suddenly we are living in the 1970s again.

Gas stations throughout the southeast have run out of gas, causing long lines at operating stations and prices are rising.

Is this a view of things to come?

Breitbart News reports:

Gas Panic: East Coast Gasoline Demand Soars 32.5%, Outages Spread

Demand for gasoline soared Monday as the shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline sent Americans to the pumps.

Gas demand on the east coast of the U.S. rose 32.5 percent compared with the prior Monday, GasBuddy petroleum analyst Patrick De Haan tweeted on Tuesday.

PADD is short for Petroleum Administration for Defense Districts, a designation created during World War II to allow the government to allocate petroleum distribution. PADD 1 is the East Coast, PADD 2 is the Midwest, PADD 3 is the Gulf Coast, PADD 4 is the Rocky Mountains, and PADD 5 is the West Coast.

In addition, many areas around the country are experiencing gasoline outages, De Haan tweeted. The largest outage on Tuesday was in Virginia.

This is not good. Take a look at the videos below:

How do you think the media would treat this story if it happened under Trump?

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