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SHOCKING British Heart Foundation Ad Attempts to Normalize Young Soccer Players Suddenly Collapsing to Heart Problems (WATCH)

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The British Heart Foundation recently published an ad promoting future technology. 

While the video didn’t discuss COVID-19 or the experimental injections, it attempts to normalize athletes suddenly collapsing on the playing surface. 

Anyone who follows WLT knows I’ve reported athletes “suddenly collapsing” every week from heart-related problems. 

It’s NOT NORMAL to see this many highly-trained physical specimens drop like flies due to cardiac issues. 

Hundreds of athletes have collapsed due to cardiac arrest during the COVID-19 jab rollout, but mainstream media remains silent. 

Instead of investigating, “experts” want to normalize cardiac arrest in athletes and young people. 

Several months ago, I noted how mainstream media started programming society to think strokes and heart attacks in children were normal

It coincides with a New York school sending an email warning parents of sudden cardiac arrest in children. 

As the number of soccer players collapsing becomes too large to ignore, the British Heart Foundation wants to program us to think it’s normal. 

That’s not going to happen!

Here’s footage of a soccer player suddenly collapsing in the ad:

Watch the full British Heart Foundation ad titled “This Is Science” below:

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