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She Signed Up for the Flu Shot & Received COVID-19 Injection Instead. Accident?

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Not everyone who opposes the COVID-19 injections are anti-vaxxer.

They simply refuse this specific jab for a variety of reasons.

But when you read of incidents like this, it will make people become anti-vaxxer.

Because it makes you believe they’ll do anything to get that COVID-19 injection into your body.

A Scottsdale, Arizona girl shared her story from a Fresno, California Walgreens that ‘accidently’ slipped her the COVID-19 injection.

Savannah Courtad posted these remarks on Instagram:

*Source – Gateway Pundit*

It’s more than a little “mistake.”

The nurse gave her the WRONG injection and one she never gave consent to go inside her body.

Claiming “sorry we are super busy” is not an acceptable excuse for making such an egregious error.

Savannah shared for paperwork to confirm she signed up for the flu shot:

*Source – Gateway Pundit*

Savannah told Gateway Pundit why she didn’t want the experimental COVID-19 injection:

Courtad: I personally did not feel comfortable with getting the vaccine due to the lack of research behind it and potential side effects that some people are experiencing. I’m passionate about health and fitness and believe that I can stay safe by prioritizing exercise, hygiene, and a healthy diet.

A quick glance through Savannah’s Instagram and it’s clear she’s dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle.

She takes care of her body and her survival rate from COVID-19 is virtually 100%.

Since Savannah is such a passionate fitness enthusiast, the risk-to-benefit analysis of the experimental jab is no contest.

Risk heavily outweighs benefit.

Yet, the Walgreens staff brushed it off as an ‘accident.’

And commenting “things like this happen sometimes.”

Oh yeah?

Exactly how often does this happen?

How many people ‘accidently’ receive the COVID-19 injection when they visited for a different shot?

I think anyone in this situation should sue the company that administered the shot.

If the recipient had side effects, could that mean jail time or fines to pay medical bills?

Regardless of potential legal ramifications, it’s a scenario every person should be on high alert for.

The Gateway Pundit’s Jordan Conradson conducted this interview with Savannah on Rumble:

Share Savannah’s story to keep everyone on high alert from this happening to anyone else.

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