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San Diego Teachers To Provide In-Person Teaching To Migrant Kids Before Their Own Students

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Schools all over the country are still closed. Millions of American kids haven’t seen the inside of a classroom for months.

This is true in San Diego, but there are teachers there who are volunteering to teach in-person classes for migrant kids who illegally crossed America’s southern border.

This is what America last looks like.

FOX News reports:

San Diego public school teachers to give migrant kids in-person instruction before their own students

Teachers from San Diego Unified School District are teaching migrant children in person before their own students, Fox News has learned.

SDUSD students are currently learning in an online-only format and are expected to move into a hybrid model on April 12, where they will be learning in a combination of in-person and online formats, according to the school district’s website.

“We have 130,000 kids who haven’t been allowed in a classroom for over a year in the San Diego Unified School District. It’s great that there’s in-person learning for those unaccompanied minors from Central America, but I wish every child in San Diego County was allowed the same opportunity for in-person teaching,” San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond told Fox News.

“The system is broken when San Diego teachers are teaching migrant children in person, but the 100k students of taxpaying families at San Diego Unified School District are stuck learning in Zoom school,” Emily Diaz, an SDUSD parent, told Fox News in an email.

“We agree that every child deserves an in-person education, but why are taxpaying students put last? If this is a humanitarian issue then who is rescuing San Diego Unified students, because our leaders have failed them,” Diaz added.

This is just stunning.

American schools need to reopen now.

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