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Ronald Reagan Reminds America The Power of “WE THE PEOPLE”

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I thought now was a really good time to remind you of a very powerful speech from Ronald Reagan.

Actually, to remind the entire country.

Way too many Liberals and Sheeple have rushed to give away their freedom and their liberties all in the name of safety.

Too many additional people feel hopeless, as though we have no power at all to stop the evil happening in our world right now.

Ronald Reagan reminded us that the power was in three simple words:  WE THE PEOPLE.

This is so good and it doesn’t take too long, please watch and enjoy.

Watch here on Rumble:

And as long as we’re covering the Old Gipper, let’s look back on some of his best jokes.

Man, there really was something special about this guy, wasn’t there?

THIS, my friends, is a President.

Ron and Don, cut from the same cloth.

Here is the famous Cow Manure joke:

And here is a compilation of some of his best jokes and one-liners….

Enjoy these:

And one more:

Ron and Don….two of the best!

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