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RINO Mitch McConnell and Joe Biden Appear Together in Kentucky

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While Kevin McCarthy is still struggling to garner enough votes to become House Speaker, Mitch McConnell is off palling around with Joe Biden. 

Biden joined McConnell in Kentucky on Wednesday in a “bipartisan” meeting on infrastructure.

The two heaped plenty of praise upon one another.

Biden said of McConnell, “I’m especially happy to be here with my friend and colleague of many years, and I might add the longest serving leader in the United States Senate.”

“He’s willing to find common ground to get things done for the country,” Biden added.

As for the RINO Mitch McConnel, he praised Biden and the others for the bipartisan infrastructure bill, claiming that they all “stepped up together.”

CBS reported on the event:

In what’s sure to be a proverbial split-screen image, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is appearing alongside President Biden in Kentucky Wednesday to talk infrastructure improvements, at the same time that House Republicans enter a second day of the 118th Congress without having coalesced around a speaker.

The president and the top Senate Republican are visiting the Brent Spence Bridge connecting Kentucky and Ohio to announce more than $2 billion in investments from the bipartisan infrastructure law to upgrade that bridge and other bridges across the country. On Wednesday, Mr. Biden and McConnell will be accompanied by Ohio’s Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown, former Ohio GOP Sen. Rob Portman, Democratic Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear and Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, underscoring the bipartisan support for infrastructure improvements.

Well, don’t they all look happy:..

McConnell heaped plenty of praise upon Biden and the others:

The ‘love affair’ went both ways though…

Biden had plenty of praise for McConnell as well.

Here’s more on that from the Hill:

Biden repeatedly praised McConnell, a rival of Democrats for decades who many on the left see as a symbol of GOP obstructionism.

“I’m especially happy to be here with my friend and colleague of many years, and I might add the longest serving leader in the United States Senate,” Biden said, recognizing McConnell.

The president went on to note that he and McConnell don’t agree on everything but said the senator is “a man of his word” who is “willing to find common ground to get things done.”

Biden credited McConnell, Brown and Portman for their work on the bipartisan infrastructure law, which contained roughly $1 trillion to fund roads, bridges, railways and other major projects across the country.

Is this what the uni-party looks like?..

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