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Reporter Exposes The Area ONE BLOCK From The White House

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Journalist Benny Johnson was boots on the ground in Washington D.C. and reported disturbing findings one block from the White House.

Johnson said he discovered a tent city in McPherson Square.

“You should know what a decrepit ****hole has been created of your nation’s capital by this ruling regime,” Johnson stated.

“Right there is the White House, okay. And then across the street from the White House is a tent city. Check it out,” he added.

It’s a literal tent city!” Johnson exclaimed.


Johnson walks around the tent city to show the decay created by Joe Biden’s leftist policies.

He emphasized the tent city is a single block from the White House.

The square contains makeshift tents, piles of rubbish, and shopping carts.

“Those are seven-figure apartments right there. And then look, this is what you get to look out at,” Johnson said.

“Look what they’ve turned your nation’s capital into,” he added.


“This is what Joe Biden has created in this nation,” Johnson stated.

Johnson ended the video, stating: “It’s a sunken place baby. Sunken place. Total and complete decay. Leftism brings decay.”

Twitter users reacted to the video:

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