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Rep. Mike Johnson Exposes Jerry Nadler

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Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana absolutely grilled Democrat Rep. Jerry Nadler of New York.

During a recent session of Congress Rep. Mike Johnson pointed out that New York’s City Council will allow non-citizens to vote in Municipal elections starting January 9th, 2023.

Johnson would go on to say that cities in Maryland and Vermont are doing the same too.

Nadler responded by making light of it and stated it was “only” Municipal elections.

Johnson would follow that up by saying first it’s the Municipal elections and then it’s the general election.


Here’s a dialogue of the conversation here:

Johnson: I got to use my time I appreciate that, but I mean clearly whatever the investment is it is not securing the border. Can I ask Mr. chairman, you’re from New York thanks to New York city’s council beginning January 9, 2023 more than 800K non-citizens will be eligible to vote in municipal elections in New York, do you agree with that policy?

Chairman: no non-citizens will not be eligible to vote in New York they never have been … is not correct uh non-citizens uh have not been eligible to vote in New York or for as far as I know in any other state uh since the 19th century that’s not true

Johnson: the New York city council voted in December to allow this it begins Jan. 9 2023. Cities in Vermont and Maryland already allow this and similar measures are under consideration in Illinois, Maine and Massachusetts right now

Chairman: if the gentleman will yield (yes) I believe those are considerations of allowing votes in municipal elections only right

Johnson: Thank you! that’s the point everybody wants to know at home why would they allow these guys they’re allowing it, because they’re going to turn them into voters. They already are doing this in New York city, largest city in America and this is the plan of our friends on this side to turn all the illegals into voters. That’s it folks that’s what’s going on that’s the game that’s why the border is open that’s why they’ve dropped it. Look yeah I respect Lofgren & all her work in this arena. yes I’ll yell Mr. chairman. I’d love to hear what you have to say about this as a New Yorker

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