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Racist Messages Including the N-Word from John Fetterman’s Finance Director Revealed on Social Media

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Things are going from bad to worse for John Fetterman.

Fetterman, who brutally lost a debate to Dr. Oz, has now been exposed for hiring a finance director with racist social media posts.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t just one “poorly thought out” tweet or something like that.

The finance director appears to have a pattern of racist and offensive posts.

The irony is that the Fetterman campaign was attacking Republicans as racists.

She even used the N-word in one of her posts!

But that’s not all.

She even used homophobic language in her posts.

Screenshots of the social media posts are below:

Ask yourself this question:

If a Republican campaign director had posted ANY of these posts, don’t you think there would be media outcry?

The media would cover it for days on end!

And there would be immense pressure from all sectors of society for the Republican candidate to drop out of the race.

Yet… the media appears to be covering up for John Fetterman.

Why is that?

Fortunately, War Room broke this story:

In a stunning display of hypocrisy, a Finance Director for Democratic Pennslyvania Senate candidate John Fetterman, Kelsey Denny, repeatedly used racial and gay slurs on social media, War Room can reveal.

The unearthed posts, which include words such as “n*gga” and “f*g,” appear to be at odds with more recent posts from the Fetterman aide promising to “fight for the lives of the Black community” against Republicans.

Denny has worked on the Fetterman campaign since 2021, beginning as a Senior Finance Associate before being promoted to the Regional Finance Director for Western Pennsylvania. She is also a former Finance Assistant for Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock.

In April 2014, a Twitter user shared a photo of Denny from the messaging platform Snapchat captioned “N*gga pls I am swag.” In response, Denny replied “HAHAHHAHA I hate you I’m so ratchet.”

In a post from 2012, Denny also tweeted “hahahahahahahahaha I changed that!! Freaking Mexicans.”

Denny has also used the slur “f*g” and “f*git” in posts from 2013 and 2014, including replying to a user “bc u a fagboi” and “HBD ur both fagits.”

She also shared an image captioned “U r in fact… a fagit” and tweeted “we’ve got a faguette on the loose.”

“Why does Katie send me snapchats of her nose….. #queerbag,” she tweeted in 2012.

Will Denny be canceled?

What about Fetterman?

In a fair world, they both would be!

We would have the same standards for everyone…

Yet Democrats appear to have their own double standards.

Now, Denny has appeared to delete or temporarily deactivate her social media accounts.

The latest poll shows Fetterman up 2 points in Pennsylvania,.

But after the TERRIBLE debate and these horrifyingly controversial social media posts, will Fetterman finally start falling behind Dr. Oz?

According to CBS News:

The party bases are consolidating around their candidates in the Pennsylvania Senate race, now a toss-up contest with Lt. Gov. John Fetterman ahead by two points heading into their debate Tuesday night. He led by five points a month ago.

To the extent there is attitudinal change, it’s partly driven by more Republicans “coming home” toward Dr. Mehmet Oz: the percentage of Republicans saying they’d vote for their nominee is up to 94% from 87% last month.

In Tuesday night’s debate, the economy, gas prices, crime and abortion are among top issues people want to hear about — and most don’t think it is important to hear about Fetterman’s health or Oz’s residency.

Last month, voters said a debate was somewhat important — especially Republicans — and today voters are somewhat likely to watch it. Thirty percent of voters overall say they’re very likely to tune in. (Perhaps this will rise even higher once Pennsylvanians, at least in the Philadelphia area, remember that the World Series doesn’t start until Friday.) And they want to hear about the economy, police and crime, gas prices and abortion.

Both candidates are down in enthusiasm. Oz’s voters are not more enthusiastic about him than before, even as they back him. And fewer Fetterman backers are very enthusiastic about Fetterman, even as they back him. As in many contests, partisans are often reminded by campaigns of reasons to feel negatively toward the opposition, and that certainly seems to be the case here.

So what do you think?

Will the Fetterman campaign experience the consequences of its actions?

Or will they be protected because of the mainstream media?

Let us know your predictions in the comments below!

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