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Quick-Thinking Driver Sprays Suspected Carjackers with Gasoline in Incredible Video

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This driver’s quick reflexes likely saved his vehicle from being stolen and possibly even worse.

A Twitter account posted CCTV security footage last week, originally from Reddit, showcasing the feat.

The released video of the incident, thought to have taken place at a gas station in South America, began normally as a man could be seen filling up his white sedan next to a gas pump.

Out of nowhere, a white van pulled up extremely close to the man’s sedan as two would-be hijackers jumped out of the vehicle and attempted to run at him.


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Thankfully, though, the man quickly thought of a hilarious and amazing solution.

As his assailants came at him from different directions, the man pulled the gas pump out of his car, aimed it at the hijackers and sprayed them all, including one who hadn’t even left the van yet.

He continued to spray them as the failed hijackers got behind their van for cover and eventually sped off.

Did this man’s quick thinking pay off?

Many Redditors joked about the man’s comical course of action. One user commented, “Channeling his inner Patrick Swayze no doubt,” referencing a scene from the 1991 hit film “Point Break.”

Another Reddit user replied, “Hope he doesn’t have to pay for that gas,” while another commented, “Now I will keep matches with me.”

Twitter users also joked about the situation. One user replied to the video, tweeting, “Best $85 dollars ever spent.”


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Many also congratulated the man for his quick reflexes. One man replied, “I’m impressed!”

Another user commented on the man’s quick reaction to what was happening, tweeting, “Well Done Sir!!”

This man should absolutely be an example to people globally. As life during the era of COVID-19 looks more and more bleak, with many turning to crime as their only out, we ought to aspire to be like this quick-thinking citizen.

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