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Queen Of England Will Announce Voter ID Requirement For Elections

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I’m not big fan of the Queen of England but sometimes you got to give credit when credits due.

In a huge announcement that’s sure to anger the woke left the Queen of England is planning to issue new voter ID requirements for future elections.

The Queen is set to make the big announcement in a speech that will be addressed to parliament members.

It’s reported that the new voter ID requirement is aimed to stop voter fraud while those from the far-left believe it’s an attack against ethnic minorities.

Sounds familiar right?

The Guardian had a bit more to add to the story:

Britons will have to show photo ID to vote in future general elections, ministers are poised to confirm this week, as a means of tackling fraud which critics claim could deter poorer and ethnic minority voters from taking part in democracy.

The proposal is to be included in Tuesday’s Queen’s speech, which will set out the government’s post-pandemic priorities and the laws it intends to pass in the forthcoming parliamentary session.

However, the dozens of announcements are unlikely to include details of long-awaited reforms to funding for adult social care, a 2019 Conservative manifesto promise which has been parked pending cross-party discussions.

A requirement that all voters carry photo ID could impede people who wish to turn up at polling stations without planning ahead, given about a quarter of voters – often younger voters – do not have either a passport or driving licence, critics say.

The government has previously said people would be able to apply for a voting ID card from their local council, although this would have to be done before polling day. Early trials in some areas led to hundreds of voters being turned away.

Meanwhile in the United States if you even talk about issuing laws that eliminate election fraud you will be deemed as racist.

The Independent covered the upcoming announcement too:

Boris Johnson’s multimillion pound plan to introduce mandatory voter ID at elections has been criticised as an “illiberal solution in pursuit of a non-existent problem” by a former Tory cabinet minister.

As the prime minister prepares to set out his legislative agenda for the coming year at the Queen’s Speech, the senior MP David Davis told The Independent the “unnecessary” and “pointless” proposals should be abandoned by the government.

Civil liberties groups and race equality campaigners also sounded the alarm over plans, reiterating concerns that barriers could be erected for millions of eligible voters who lack photo identification, which they said were “disproportionately” from ethnic minority and working-class backgrounds.

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