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Pro-Life Movement Surge Forward with a Historic Number of Anti-Abortion Bills in 2021

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Although Congress and the presidency are controlled by pro-abortion Democrats, the pro-life movement has made historic legislative gains so far this year.

As of May 3, 536 pro-life bills have been introduced in 46 states across the country and 61 new pro-life laws have been implemented, according to the Catholic News Agency.

This good news for conservatives does come with a catch, however.

Many such laws are to be placed on hold with “trigger” provisions — meaning they will not go into effect until similar legislation has been upheld at the federal level.

Until such a time as Roe V. Wade and Planned Parenthood V. Casey are overturned, the upholding of such legislation is unlikely to happen.


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Nevertheless, speaking with The Western Journal during Wednesday’s episode of “WJ Live,” pro-life activist and Live Action founder Lila Rose posited that this is all good news for the pro-life movement.

In her view, the country is taking a significant step forward towards ending the practice of abortion altogether, despite the fact that most of these laws will inevitably be struck down by federal courts.

To illustrate her point, Rose related the current pro-life movement to another moral dilemma from the West’s past — slavery.

“William Wilberforce, the activist in Great Britain, when he was working to abolish the slave trade back in the 18th century, he spent decades sending bills and passing bills and getting them struck down to try to abolish the slave trade. But he kept trying because he was building momentum. He was building the case,” Rose said.

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“And I absolutely applaud the five hundred plus nearly six hundred state level pro-life bills and the dozens that have passed, because eventually, we’re going to get that next Supreme Court ruling and I think it’s going to be a much better one than any of the ones we’ve had.”

“The more people that recognize the injustice in the institutions and are educated, the more they’ll say, ‘yes, we have to radically change our abortion regime in America.’ And that change is happening.”

Furthermore, Rose also asserted that the country has been headed in this direction for quite some time.

While Rose admits “there have been a lot of disappointments” when it comes to politics on abortion over the last decade, “there also have been unprecedented victories.”

For example, before Rose “had ever started pro-life work,” Planned Parenthood’s funding was never in danger.


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Since then, 10 states have defunded Planned Parenthood and there was a bipartisan majority vote in the House of Representatives “for the first time in history” to “defund Planned Parenthood of all their taxpayer dollars,” Rose explained.

“Then President Trump did something unprecedented and he actually defunded Title X, a particular funding mechanism for Planned Parenthood,” Rose said.

The Trump administration instituted a rule preventing abortion providers from receiving funding from the Title X Family Planning Program.

“We’re building the groundswell so that when it yo-yos the right direction, it stays there and it’s all the way there. And that’s, that’s ultimately what the cultural change we’re working towards can accomplish,” Rose said.

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