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Powerful Observation About Joe Biden

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This is a short clip courtesy of the amazing work they are doing over at Elijah Clips….keep up the great works guys!

This is Robin Bullock tackling a very serious topic….

Joe Biden and Demon possession.

Stick with me on this….

We’ve all seen Joe Biden do that creepy whispering, right?

It creeps everyone out.

But Robin Bullock has some very powerful observations about it.

First of all, he says the whispering and the way he speaks when he does it is textbook for anyone who has ever dealt with evil spirits and demon possession.

He’s right.

He also says it’s very interesting that when you get a screenshot of Biden’s eyes when he starts doing this whispering, they lose their natural color and become a greenish brown and have the classic vertical serpent-slitted look just like a snake.

Really wild stuff, but he has showed the pictures on The Eleventh Hour and it’s right there!

Last, he says if you notice the only time Biden starts to sound coherent and “with it” is when he’s doing this whispering and that’s because it’s the demon talking.

Decide for yourself folks, but I think Robin is onto something!

Watch here:

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