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Pledge Under Fire in House Judiciary Committee

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This morning in a House Judiciary Committee hearing, Republican Representative Matt Gaetz (FL) proposed an amendment that would allow each hearing to begin with The Pledge of Allegiance.

You wouldn’t expect that to cause a heated debate – but it’s the libs we’re dealing with here.

Take a look:

Representative Nadler (D-NY) opposed the amendment because they already say it on the floor and shouldn’t have to prove their patriotism by saying it twice on the same day.

Sure – a thirty-second pledge to your country really is hard work.

Republican Representative Johnson from Louisiana challenged Nadler, saying he hadn’t seen him on the floor and most members weren’t there to see it either.

That’s when things really started to get hot!

Democrat Representative from Georgia, Hank Johnson, accused members of the Committee of supporting the “insurrection” on January 6th.

He even went so far as to object being “forced to pledge allegiance” in their company, calling it ironic!

What’s ironic is that our Representatives are using their work day (at taxpayers’ expense) to argue about pledging allegiance or not!

But the debate didn’t stop there!

Democrat Representative Cicilline offered a change to the amendment that would prevent anyone “who supported an insurrection” from leading the pledge.

Gaetz fired back on Cicilline’s definition of “insurrection.”

In a savage comeback, Gaetz asked if by insurrection he meant objecting to electors because that would mean many Democrats on the committee wouldn’t be able to lead the pledge.

At this point, you can hear laughter erupting from the room.

While Gaetz clearly won the battle of wits, it’s a shame the Dems wasted so much time.

Half an hour debating over the Pledge.

Typical liberal shenanigans!

If you think it was a complete waste of time to even debate the idea, you’re not alone!

According to CNS news,

A number of committee members criticized the entire debate as superfluous, given that no one was raising objections to saying the Pledge at the start of committee hearings.

In the end, Cicilline’s “amendment to the amendment” was rejected 24-13; the Gaetz amendment was adopted unanimously.

If you want to watch the entire meeting, you can here:

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