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Paul Pelosi Body Cam Footage Released–WARNING: Graphic Content

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The San Francisco County Superior Court released the much-awaited police body cam footage of last year’s hammer attack on Paul Pelosi, htoday, just 48 hours after denying a request by prosecutors to keep it confidential.

The footage is graphic, and still raises lots of questions.

Pelosi, the husband of former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, suffered a skull fracture in the incident, and has since been released from the hospital.

The tape starts off slowly, but heats up fast:

San Francisco police were following up on a 911 call from Pelosi, who said he was calling from his bathroom.

As seen in the video, both Pelosi and the alleged intruder, David DePape, were each holding onto a hammer which DePape then swung to Pelosi’s head.

Pelosi suffered a fractured skull and is now recovering.

DePape was arrested and jailed pending trial.

Reportedly, Pelosi said DePape had come to the home to speak with Nancy Pelosi and had screamed “Where’s Nancy!”

At the time of the event, the media was afire with comments, many questioning why DePape had entered the home, and why he wanted to see Nancy.

With today’s tape release, Twitter fired up again:

Some were questioning the way the cops approached the incident:

Some wondered who fights off an attacker with a drink in their hand.

Others questioned how the incident played out.

Also released today: Surveillance footage of the break-in itself.

Finally, police also released Pelosi’s 911 call made shortly after the intruder gained entry to his home.

enter video here

Curious, isn’t it.  Was Pelosi being coy, or just cautious in case DePape was listening?

And where were those Capitol cops, anyway?

Why does it feel like we haven’t heard the whole story here? More to come?

What do you think?


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