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Palestinians Hurl Firebomb at Jews in New York City (Video)

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Palestinians drove a caravan of cars down 47th Street in the Diamond District in New York City Thursday evening–an area known for its Jewish owned businesses–and threw a small firebomb that exploded on the sidewalk. The bomb went off with a loud bang and smoke was seen, however it did not appear to injure anyone. A scorch mark and a fragment of the bomb could be seen on the sidewalk in front of a diamond business. Another video taken before the firebomb was thrown shows one person laid out on the sidewalk being tended to by police who were struggling to keep the peace. One person was later seen being detained.

Videos of the attack were posted by Dov Hikind, “HAPPENING NOW: Palestinian harassment fleet drives by Jews in Manhattan, threatening violence while screaming antisemitic slurs. See next tweet for proof of the firebomb one of them threw at a Jewish target and their subsequent arrest on the scene…Palestinians threw a mini firebomb at Jews in New York City moments ago…One Palestinian assailant was arrested (unclear if he was the fire bomber)


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The attack comes days after Jews in Los Angeles having dinner at a restaurant’s sidewalk seating were violently attacked by Palestinians driving a car caravan though a predominantly Jewish part of town.

UPDATE: Videos from Times Square shows more confrontations and a large firework device found in the mob.

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