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Only Fraction Of Biden Multi-Trillion Infrastructure Bill To Be Used For Roads And Bridges

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Democrats just passed a multi-trillion bill in the name of COVID relief which was stuffed with all kinds of pork.

Now it looks like they’re going to do the same thing with infrastructure.

They’re tying up money the country doesn’t even have for political purposes.

Newsmax reports:

Wash Post: Only $650B of $2.25T Biden Infrastructure Bill for Roads, Bridges

President Joe Biden’s $2.25 trillion infrastructure bill, set to be unveiled Wednesday, will have allocations for much more than, well, for infrastructure projects, according to details of the plan cited in The Washington Post on Tuesday.

The plan — according to sources familiar with the details who spoke to the Post — provides only $650 billion for roads, bridges, highways, and ports.

Also in the plan, the sources said: $400 billion for home care for the elderly and the disabled, $300 billion for housing, $300 billion to revive U.S. manufacturing, and $400 billion in clean-energy credits…

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said tax increases — mostly on corporations — would fund the initiatives. Most of former President Donald Trump’s 2017 tax law would be undone by the tax hikes, according to the Post’s sources.

The move, to be announced in Pittsburgh, is the first of Biden’s “Build Back Better” initiative, and will be followed by a second plan in the coming weeks, Psaki said…

The cumulative price tag on both initiatives could exceed $4 trillion.

They think they’re going to raise this money by taxing the rich? Really?

Remember how Obama’s “shovel ready jobs” worked out?

Some people never learn.

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