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One Year Ago Today, History Was Made…

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It was exactly one year ago today that history was made.

No, I don’t watch Nascar, but I do remember this epic moment.

It was one year ago today that Brandon Brown won at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama.

As he’s being interviewed, suddenly the crowd starts chanting “F🇺🇸ck Joe Biden”.


Well, the “why” is obvious — because America hates the Resident.

But there’s actually more to the story of how “F🇺🇸ck Joe Biden” became “Let’s Go Brandon”.

For everyone who has heard “Let’s Go Brandon” and not known how it started or what it really means and was too embarrassed to ask…let me explain.

I’ve got your back.

For those of you who feel left out and don’t know what “Let’s Go Brandon” means or how it got started, I will fill you in….

In fall 2021, “F🇺🇸ck Joe Biden” chants began breaking out in football stadiums all across America.

Week after week after week.

Here is an early one from back on September 3:

Then it hit the UFC:

Then they started happening at Nascar events.

That’s where the story takes a left turn (no pun intended)….

So, this guy named Brandon wins the NASCAR event and he’s being interviewed on live TV on NBC and the “F🇺🇸ck Joe Biden” chant breaks out.

The NBC reporter thought quick on her feet because she didn’t want to admit what the crowd was saying, so credit to her for fast thinking on her feet she says “sounds like they’re chanting ‘Let’s Go Brandon’.”

No they weren’t.

But after she made that comment, a legend was born.

And it’s not going away.

Watch here:

It even made it into John Hagee’s Cornerstone Church.

Liberals feigned outrage, but I think it’s awesome:

The rest, as they say, is history!

I support this message 100%.

In fact, we’re taking action……

Our goal is to get these hats, shirts and beanies being worn all over America!


Want one?

We’re going with “FJB” for short.

We all know what it means.

The hats and beanies are FREE while they last (and they are going quick).

Let’s start with the F🇺🇸CK JOE BIDEN shirt, we just custom made them!

Check availability:

I personally dig the hat, which is FREE right now (just pay shipping).

While they last.

See it here:

And for winter, how about a beanie?

Yeah that looks awesome.

Get one here:

And now let me officially announce that I fully and irrevocably support the LGB Community.

Yes, yes I do: the Let’s Go Brandon community!

Not only that, but throw in the T.

That’s right, I support LGBT, full support!

I support “Let’s Go Brandon” and I support “Trump”!

You know what?

I’m not stopping there.

Nope, I support the whole thing: LGBTQ+.

That’s right, I support “Let’s Go Brandon”, I support “Trump” and I support “Q+”.

Really folks, what are the odds that their entire acronym would end up being PERFECTLY hijacked by Trump?

You couldn’t possibly plan that.


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