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“No One F*cks with a Biden”

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Joe and Jill Biden traveled to Fort Myers, Florida on Wednesday to view the damage caused by Hurricane Ian.

As usual, Joe Biden acted creepy and was an embarrassment.

While Gov. DeSantis spoke, Biden whispered into the ear of a female FEMA official.

Perhaps he sniffed her?


Biden went over to greet Fort Myers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy during the press conference.

That’s when Biden was caught on a hot mic.

“By the way, you’re raised the same way I was, no one f*cks with a Biden,” Biden said as he shook hands with Mayor Murphy.

“Yeah, you’re godd*mn right,” the mayor said.


From The Hill:

President Biden appeared to share a lighthearted, R-rated exchange while caught on a hot mic as he met with Florida officials and residents affected by Hurricane Ian.

“No one f—- with a Biden,” the president appeared to say with a laugh as he had a seemingly friendly conversation with Fort Myers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy on Wednesday.

Biden made the F-bomb comment after Murphy shook his hand, thanked him and told him to “keep the faith.”

While much of the conversation was inaudible, Biden was seemingly echoing words of wisdom he had been told over the years.

“You’re goddamn right,” Murphy chuckled in response as he took off his sunglasses during the brief discussion with Biden.

“And you can’t argue with your brothers outside the house,” Biden added.

The White House didn’t immediately return a request for comment about the remark.

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