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“No Doubt” Trump Will Face a Surprise Infectious Disease Outbreak!

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Can you predict a “surprise outbreak”?

Seems like an impossible oxymoron right?

Well, that’s exactly what Dr. Fraudci did in 2017.

I kept hearing about this video clip from a bunch of you and I finally located it today.

This truly is stunning and yes it’s 100% verified.

This came from Dr. Fraudci and it was back in early 2017.

You can’t make this stuff up folks and I bet the good “doctor” (and yes I do put that in quotes) wishes he could delete this from the internet.

Too bad we saved it.

Take a look:

The only way to “predict” something like that with that level of certainty is if you cause it to happen yourself, right?

Take a look:

Here’s the clip….quote: “Also, there will be a surprise outbreak”.

Say what?


I’ve also saved the clip to Rumble, which you can watch safely here:

Watch the full FlashPoint episode here:

Rumble link:

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