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No Degree for Biden as Catholics Pull Their Support

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Joe Biden is not delivering the commencement address for students at Notre Dame. His staff cites a scheduling conflict that will prevent him from attending. Joe won’t be getting an honorary degree either.

According to the Catholic News Agency, Biden has decided to break a 20-year tradition and not be a commencement speaker at Notre Dame.

President Joe Biden will not be delivering the commencement address at the University of Notre Dame this year – although he was invited by the university to do so.

On Tuesday, the university announced that it’s May 23 commencement speaker will be Jimmy Dunne, a finance executive and trustee of the university. During the last three presidential administrations, U.S. presidents or vice presidents have addressed the university’s commencement in their first year in office, but that trend will not continue in 2021.

On the surface, it doesn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary. Presidents are busy. However, it turns out that Biden may have an ulterior motive.

Joe Biden took his ball and went home after Notre Dame students drafted a petition expressing concerns about his blatant anti-catholic policies.

Joe isn’t on the nice list of many Catholics, given his moves to make it easier to abort babies.

Biden is just the second Catholic president in U.S. history. While he has mentioned his faith on the campaign trail and has attended Sunday Mass while in office, he has supported taxpayer-funded abortion and pushed for the passage of the Equality Act in defiance of the U.S. bishops’ conference.

Amazingly, it was the students that raised concerns about Joe’s behavior, not the faculty. There may be hope for college campuses yet. 

The Daily Wire had this to say about the student drafted petition: 

The petition went on to detail specific policies Biden supports that promote abortion, contraception, homosexuality, transgender behavior, and the repeal of religious exemptions for institutions that oppose such things.

“For the nation’s foremost Catholic university to honor a person with such an agenda would scream scandal,” the petition added.

If you recall, Joe is already facing problems with Catholics because of his hypocritical policies. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is getting ready to meet up in June. According to reports, they are about to bring down the hammer on Joe and other Catholic politicians that support abortion.

During their next annual meeting, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Committee on Doctrine will be drafting a document that will clarify their position regarding the longstanding question of how to handle Catholic politicians in open defiance of Church teaching on abortion, according to The Associated Press.

Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City, who is chairman of the USCCB’s Committee on Pro-Life Activities, has publicly and repeatedly rebuked Biden for supporting abortion, going so far as to say the president “should stop defining himself as a devout Catholic.”

“Because President Biden is Catholic, it presents a unique problem for us,” Naumann told the AP. “It can create confusion. … How can he say he’s a devout Catholic and he’s doing these things that are contrary to the church’s teaching?”

Franklin Graham has expressed his support of Notre Dame students in taking a stand against Biden

The reason Joe is not attending Notre Dame has nothing to do with scheduling. It doesn’t take a lot to shuffle a napping schedule around to make it happen.

Joe can’t stand to be anywhere he isn’t celebrated. His fragile ego drives him away from conflict. He wants to be liked by everybody. That’s why he folds on everything.

To emphasize how sad this is, roughly four thousand students and alumni signed the petition. That’s a tiny fraction of the whole student body and alumni at large.

Joe’s ego is so thin that just the opinion of four thousand people has him running away.

It’s no wonder nations don’t take him seriously.

Not even a year into his presidency and Joe’s foundation of support is already crumbling.

It’ll be interesting to see how Joe will begin to spiral when he realizes more and more people refuse to overlook his poor leadership and destructive policies.

A world where Joe is not celebrated may be right around the corner.

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