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NFL Player’s Maserati Taken Apart to Rescue Kitten Trapped Underneath

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Isaac Yiadom, a cornerback for the New York Giants, illustrated his softer side on Sunday when he discovered a kitten had gotten stuck inside his Maserati in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

It’s unclear how the feline got lodged in the area above the rear differential of the car, but cats are known to be curious creatures and often seek the warmth and seeming safety of the underbelly of cars, which is why in cold weather, drivers are advised to bang on the hood or slam doors to scare out any cats that may be hiding inside.

When Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue was contacted about the kitten, they got to meet the athlete, save the kitten and be included in a positive social media post.

“Sunday morning Station 29 responded to NYGiants Cornerback Isaac Yiadom home to rescue this kitten who had gotten stuck above the rear differential of his car,” Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue posted on Facebook.


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“Thankfully the kitten was a lot slower and less agile than Isaac and crews were able to make a successful rescue. FLFR for the win! #cats #firefighters #catlovers #football #NFL #Maserati #rescue.”

In a later interview, two of the firefighters involved in the rescue elaborated on the methods they used to free the cat.

“Feline rescue specialist Olympia was able to get his arm over the rear differential of the vehicle and grab hold of the kitten safely,” Mike Fitting, one of the firefighters, told WSVN-TV.

“We took a lot of the shielding off from the underside of the vehicle, and my partners here ended up reaching in there and grabbing the cat this morning,” Captain Matthew Green added.

Many commented to thank the firemen for taking time out of their day to rescue the hapless critter, and many also recognized the good heart of the 25-year-old football player.

According to WSVN, the stowaway was a stray that Yiadom ended up keeping.


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“[T]he caller had gotten food and supplies and was taking care of the cat after it was rescued,” Fitting confirmed on the fire rescue’s post when someone asked what had become of the kitten.

Some commenters even offered to take in the stray kitten themselves, but it’s already spoken for — and it seems like a good match.

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