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New York Grand Jury Rules Fraud Occurred In City Council Race

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According to the New York Post, a Staten Island grand jury is pushing for revisions to state election regulations after discovering many incidents of ballot theft in a City Council contest last year.

The grand jury’s 38-page findings seeking revisions to state statutes were issued by Staten Island District Attorney Michael McMahon.

McMahon stated, “This research should concern everyone participating in the election process on Staten Island, as well as everyone else in New York City and State”.

The investigation however does not name the race where the ballot fraud was discovered, indicating that there was not enough evidence to prosecute anybody of fraud or they rather not flip the seat where the fraud occurred.

The Blaze had more details to add:

A Staten Island grand jury is calling for changes to state election laws after recently discovered numerous instances of ballot fraud in a race for City Council last year, the New York Post reported.

Staten Island District Attorney Michael McMahon released the grand jury’s 38-page report requesting changes to the state laws.

“This report should alarm all involved in the electoral process on Staten Island and across New York city and state, including the general voting public,” McMahon said.

The report, which does not specify the race where the ballot fraud was found, stated that it did not have enough evidence to convict anyone of fraud.

The New York Post broke the story:

A Staten island grand jury has identified numerous instances of ballot harvesting fraud in a race for City Council last year — including a ballot submitted on behalf of a dead person and signature fraud involving dozens of other absentee ballots.

The unprecedented 38-page grand jury report released by Staten Island District Attorney Michael McMahon called for changes in state election law including requiring official government-issued ID to vote. But it does not specify the race in question, nor does it file criminal charges against anyone.

Sources told The Post that the criminal investigation focused on the campaign of Marko Kepi, who narrowly lost a GOP primary race to Mid-Island Councilman David Carr.

“This case is the poster child for the necessity of voter ID laws. Unfortunately, the real victims here are the hundreds of residents whose identities and votes were stolen. And this will happen again until our state Legislature takes election integrity and security seriously,” said Carr.

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