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New Video From Damar Hamlin — But Is It Real?

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Look, by all accounts Damar Hamlin is (was?) a wonderful human being.

I have nothing bad to say about him and I wish him and his family nothing but the absolute best.

I will also say right up front that I have no idea what is true regarding this story, I only know several big questions and oddities continue to swirl.

So let’s jump right in and I’ll just let you decide.

A new video was posted to Twitter and Instagram today allegedly from Damar himself documenting his recovery and thanking everyone who helped him.

Here’s the short Twitter vid:

And the full video on Instagram:

Ok, so on it’s face it seems real and genuine right?

I agree.

I do, however, think all the different cut takes were interesting.

You may not have noticed them but there is a lot of cutting in the video editing.

But now let’s address some shall we say “inconsistencies” that people are noticing.

Starting with the biggest one:

Apparently, people have scrutinized the video and noticed that the “Damar Hamlin” in this video does not seem to have any of the same tattoos the real Damar Hamlin has.



So the big question then becomes….was this a Deep Fake?

I’ve been telling you about Deep Fake videos for a couple years now.

I knew they would eventually be used in a psyop against us.

Is this what just happened here?

Many are pointing on a “Deep Fake” only changes the face….and perhaps they got sloppy or forgot other stuff like ears and tattoos?

More questions next…

Does this side-by-side look like the same person?


And for anyone not familiar with Deep Fakes and how powerful they are, watch this video.

This is NOT Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton, but could you tell?


Here’s another example of a Deep Fake you’d never know any different on:

Probably true:

And here’s the ultimate mic drop:

I’m not saying this is MY opinion, but I am saying there’s a lot of unanswered questions here.

Then we have Damar himself (or his Twitter account) Tweeting out the word “CLONE”.

Is this because the “Elites” always have to warn us in advance?

After a while, this stuff almost gets too easy to spot and predict.

I don’t know, you decide…

Damar Hamlin Tweets “CLONE” After Rumors Swirl He’s Dead

Buffalo Bills Safety Damar Hamlin made national headlines when he collapsed on the field during a game versus the Cincinnati Bengals.

According to the Buffalo Bills organization, Hamlin made a complete recovery but not everybody is believing Hamlin made a complete recovery.

Some users on the internet believe Hamlin is dead.

The rumors Hamlin is dead surfaced after video footage of Hamlin at the Bills playoff game didn’t show his face.

Take a look:

In response to the rumors Hamlin sent out a tweet himself and tweeted out “CLONE”.

Take a look:

He would then tweet “you will hear from me soon”.


Fox News reported more on the story:

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin has responded after social media rumors questioned whether he actually attended Buffalo’s playoff game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday.

For the first time since suffering a cardiac arrest on the field and requiring CPR, Hamlin took in a game at Highmark Stadium.

Football: Buffalo Bills fan holds a poster of Damar Hamlin (3) vs. New England Patriots at Highmark Stadium. Buffalo, NY 1/8/2023
Football: Buffalo Bills fan holds a poster of Damar Hamlin (3) vs. New England Patriots at Highmark Stadium. Buffalo, NY 1/8/2023 (Simon Bruty/Sports Illustrated via Getty Images)

He was spotted being driven in a cart to the team’s locker room prior to the game and the CBS broadcast showed Hamlin in a suite cheering on his team and acknowledging the crowd during the game.

Most of Hamlin’s face was covered in the videos from the game, with the broadcast never getting a clear shot of Hamlin, leading some to speculate that it was not really him.

The second-year safety had some fun with the rumors on Monday.

If you haven’t already make sure you check out our previous article where we address the rumors more completely:

Rumors Flying That “Damar Hamlin” At The NFL Game Is A Fake

Here’s more on Deep Fakes….it’s mindblowing:

DEEP FAKED: Here’s What’s Coming Next…

At this point, I’ve been doing this so long I can see their next moves before they even make them…

I can see around corners, almost instinctively.

And with a bunch of video evidence primed to soon drop (think: election videos, Hunter Biden videos, the Hillary video, etc) they need a way “out”.

It used to be you couldn’t argue with a photo…but then came Photoshop.

Then it was you certainly couldn’t argue with a video…but now comes this.

It’s called a Deep Fake and it will blow your mind.

Watch this short video of this impressionist, who is good but he appears magical when “Deep Fake” technology is applied to change his face to look like the person he’s impersonating.

It’s impressive, creepy and stunning all at the same time.

Just watch:

Now, take that and apply it to Joe Biden.

We’ve heard a lot about a “Fake Biden”.

Maybe an actor…

Maybe a body double…

Maybe who knows what!

We’ve also talked about fake White Houses, fake TV sets, etc.

When I first published articles about Biden possibly in a fake White House, so many people said it was CONSPIRACY THEORY and I should no longer be allowed to publish anything because I had lost all credibility.

Except….we were proven right last week.

In case you haven’t seen it, it’s no longer “Fake Conspiracy” or even “Conspiracy Theory”.


It’s now Fact.

Not a “rumor”….a “TRUEmor”.

If you missed it, read about Joe Biden’s Fake White House Set here (and see the photos and videos).

Even Fox News and some left-leaning channels have covered it.

But with that as background, I actually want to talk about Fake Obama, not Fake Biden in this article.

And I’m not talking about body doubles or actors.

I’m talking about “deep fakes”.

Have you heard of them?

If not, watch this and see if you can correctly identify the “real” Obama….

Watch here on Rumble:

If you haven’t watched the video, stop here and don’t read anymore.

Ok, SPOILERS coming….

For everyone who watched the video you learned that NONE of them are real.

All are computer fakes.

Scary right?

And this video is over a year old.

My point?

If they could do this a year ago, how many things in the Biden Residency do you think are being faked?

And another bigger point: it used to be said that you could “photoshop” a photo but not a video.

Now you can do both.

Why is that important?

Read this article below to realize what’s coming next.

Ok folks, buckle up because this one is about to get wild!

If you’ve been following the Jeffrey Epstein story, you know the rumors say he had EVERYTHING on video tape.

Very powerful people all caught on video tape in, shall we say, compromising situations?

Situations maybe with very young children perhaps?


Movie stars.

Supreme Court justices?  (looking at you JR)

That’s all speculation.

And Epstein is dead (allegedly), but his handler Ghislaine Maxwell is not.

So that will play out on its own.

But let’s just assume for a moment that these videos DO come out.

What happens next?

It’s game over, right?

Caught on tape!

Photos and video don’t lie!


Or do they?

Have you heard about “Deep Fakes” recently?

Confused about what they are?

I believe the Deep Fake is the Deep State’s answer to all these videos when they start being exposed.

So what is a Deep Fake?

Well, watch this:

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