True American Patriots Love Trump!

New Trump Rally Coming Soon! “Let Everyone Know There’s Hope In The Future….”

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Good news my friends!

A new Trump Rally will be coming soon.

Those were the best….

Have you ever been to one?

Worried they may never happen again?

Fear no more.

PRESIDENT Trump is brining back the MAGA Rallies and I can only imagine how big and wild this one will be.

Watch the announcement here safely on Rumble as he was interviewed by Laura Trump (which Facebook BANNED by the way):

My favorite part?

He says the reason he’s going to do it is to let everyone know “there’s hope in the future!”

He almost winks as he says it, watch again.

It sure feels to me like he’s teasing the fact that he’ll be back in office soon and he so badly wants to say it but can’t announce it yet.

How about you?

Watch again and see if you notice the same thing.

If you want to watch the entire interview, I have it for you right here.

It’s really good.

From Rumble:

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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