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New Lockdowns Are “All But A Done Deal”

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Get ready folks……new lockdowns are COMING…..

I recently reported on how Biden’s Admin had been floating the idea of new lockdowns in certain areas, and I knew that these new proposed lockdowns were pretty much imminent.

The White House, and The CDC don’t just come out and say things like that—unless they are already committed to the idea.

I also wouldn’t put it past tyrants and left wing authoritarians to miss a single opportunity to put us back under lockdown—to deprive us of more liberty.

Well, Jack Posobiec agrees, and throws some weight behind the idea that these new lockdowns aren’t just suggestions:

Trending Politics reports:

On Thursday evening, conservative journalist Jack Posobiec sounded the alarm over the potential upcoming lockdowns, stating that the lockdowns were “all but a done deal.”

Posobiec, who is one of the largest and most accurate conservative journalists on Twitter, confirmed that his source was a White House official.

Posobiec’s reporting appears to have validity to it considering Biden’s Principal Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre announced on Thursday that the Biden Administration would be willing to impose more lockdowns if recommended by the CDC.

This article from Fox News also seems to point to the same thing:

“The White House in a press briefing today said they wouldn’t rule out new lockdowns and school closures. For those of us out there that paid attention to Joe Biden’s campaign at all, you know that the entire Biden campaign was predicated on COVID fear porn. …

“He has reinstated the mask mandate after telling us in May that anyone who was vaccinated would not have to wear a mask any longer. And now he’s letting it be known that he is going to be prepared to reinstitute lockdowns across this country and also shut down schools again.”

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