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Native American Tribe Sues Biden Admin For Over $340 Million

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The Hoopa Valley Tribe of California is suing the Biden admin for over $340 million dollars.

According to a lawsuit filed in court, the Hoopa valley tribe claims that the US government has been failing to follow laws requiring contractors to pay money toward habitat restoration”.

The suit would continue to say the US Department of Interior owes $340 million for environmental restoration along the Trinity river which stretches 12 miles long.

It’s quite amazing how liberals will shout and scream when a football team is named the “Redskins” but be silent when the US government is destroying Native Americans’ main source of water.

Fox News shared these details:

A Native American tribe based in northwestern California filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration Monday, alleging that contractors owe millions in restoration efforts for a decimated river.

In its lawsuit, the Hoopa Valley Tribe, alleges that the U.S. Department of the Interior has failed to follow laws requiring contractors to pay money towards habitat restoration projects in exchange for use of the water. It says those contacts owe $340 million for environmental restoration work along the Trinity River, 12 miles of which flow through the tribe’s reservation in northern California.

For more than 60 years, the river has been a major source of water for local dams, reservoirs, and canals that send water south to farmers who harvest fruits, nuts, and other crops.

The Hoopa Valley tribe alleges that the federal government has failed to consult with them over the years on matters related to the river. Updated laws governing the use of the water in the early 90s gave the tribe some power to concur over changes to river flows. However, an Obama-era law mandated that temporary water contracts could become permanent.

The tribe’s lawsuit alleges that a contract awarded to Westlands Water District, the nation’s largest agricultural water district, did not include requirements for habitat restoration payments.

Tribal leaders said the river has become a “sick place” and is in dire need of restoration.

ABC News added these details:

he Hoopa Valley Tribe alleged in a lawsuit Monday that the federal government is violating its sovereignty and failing to collect money from California farms that rely on federally supplied water to pay for damages to tribal fisheries.

The tribe, which has a reservation in northwest California, says in its lawsuit against the Biden administration that the Trinity River that it relies on for food and cultural purposes has been decimated by decades of the federal government diverting water.

The suit alleges the U.S. Department of the Interior has failed to follow laws that require the contractors who use that water to pay money for habitat restoration projects. It says those contractors owe $340 million for environmental restoration work along the Trinity River and other places that have been damaged by water diversions.

“The river has become a place that is no longer a healing place, but a place that is a sick place,” said Jill Sherman-Warne, a member of the Hoopa tribal council.

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